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Data Recovery Solution

Recovery of Deleted Data and even we can recover your Data from the Formatted Hard Disk.. Web Nirnaya guarantees up to 100% of your valuable data by deploying highly skilled recovery professionals, specialized expertise & cutting edge technology, when you need it most. We support a wide range of Media’s such as Desktop hard Disks (5.25”), Laptop Hard Disks (3.5”, 2.5” & 1.8”), USB Devices & Removable Drives, Zip Diskettes, CD, DVD, Floppies, Memory sticks & other digital media devices with unmatched success rate available in the country. We have a solution for you no matter how a crash occur viz. Virus attack, human error, software malfunction, hardware error, accidental deletion or drive format, natural disasters like floods, fire, power surge or even sabotage. We ensure accurate, timely & confidential data recovery from DOS, Windows 3.x /95 /98 /Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista, Novell Netware, UNIX (SCO, BSD, Sun, HP-UX), Linux (Red Hat, SuSe, Mandrake), Mac and other operating Systems. Besides this we also provide expert data Recovery Services on mirrored, Hardware & Software RAID, Striping and other complex server storage box configurations.